Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's been a while.

Hi everyone, I'm Ash. A lot of you may already know me because you're my friends giving me a pity read (I'm ok with that, read your little heart out!) and some of you may know me from a blog I had a few years ago that was quite popular, if I do say so myself (it wasn't), and for some of you this might be your first time meeting me.

A lot has changed since my last fashion blog and I ended up deleting all that hard work and passion because I moved to the Middle East, and I didn't really know what to expect. Now I do. We work with refugees here, but unfortunately with the line of work my husband and I it's a bit taboo to talk about it on social media. I love every second of it though! I love the people I work with and all the amazing people I've been blessed to meet... but the silence was driving me a bit crazy, I love the outlet a blog provides, so the other day I decided why not start another blog, this time with all my interests and the things I can talk about... from home decor, to fashion, to travel (we travel a lot, eeeek!), sometimes maybe even a couple recipes thrown in here and there (don't expect much from that category), just lifestyle stuff!

A little more about me?
I have two dogs, Hugo Humperdink and Bear Barkly, they're both like poodle-y things and I love them to death. Do I take a lot of photos of them, yes... do I probably need to just stop and have children already... yes. But in the meantime you're stuck with their dirty, adorable faces.

I'm also a professional photographer. Lifestyle, weddings and everything in-between photographer and I love every bit of it, you can see my work at my photography blog if you're interested HERE.

Most importantly, and probably what should have been listed first is, I love Jesus with all my heart and also this cute guy I call my husband. My husband is the best. So here we are. It's just me and my thoughts and crazy pictures to go along... like these ones of me and my dog (you can obviously tell we aren't professional models, but especially him, he's not even looking at the camera, that's like model 101 Bear.)

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