Monday, November 16, 2015


Mornings with my family are my absolute favorite, it's quiet and the light is soft in the house. We normally get to spend mornings together since most of our work is in the afternoon. Our puppies are such good cuddlers, I love reading my Bible in bed with my morning coffee, which lately has been the most delicious latte that Elijah has been (thankfully!!!!) making me, and of course, breakfast... the best meal of the day. I'm a sucker for breakfast.

The other day Elijah had his class cancelled so we had a little extra time in the morning, we were so excited, we made cinnamon rolls (Elijah's favorite) and decided to take some family photos together. The Middle East doesn't really get an "Autumn" season, which is probably one of the saddest things ever. I'm a summer girl through and through, but when Autumn does roll around I can put on my socks and drink apple cider by the fire with the best of them, no regrets that summer is gone, (that is until winter).
To me Autumn should be cozy, bundled up in blankets, wearing knit socks, drinking apple cider while all the colors outside change and you can't get enough of your sweaters. Something about the changing weather makes me bake everything apple and pumpkin and I want my house to be covered in pumpkins. I'm basically writing out everyone's Fall dreams, right?

The weather has finally changed here and oh my gosh the rain! I've never been a rain fan till I moved here and now I can't get enough of it, maybe because it's the only thing that resembles fall here, but oh those glorious rainy days, when you lie in bed listening to it falling on your rooftop. Autumn rain brings sweater weather and that's exactly what it was like this morning... Sweaters and rain, cinnamon rolls and cuddles, family pictures with a tripod that was broken and kept falling over, and trying to get our youngest puppy to sit still and not lick our faces till they were raw.

Good Autumn mornings. If this is what it looks like in the Middle East, I can't wait for the day I live somewhere other than the Middle East with my little family and everything is Fall outside (unless I move to Arizona. Go figure.)

And lastly a blurry picture of us all, so you know how most of the photos actually turned out...

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