Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Feeling the Christmas'y.

This Christmas has been a bit weird for me, it doesn't really feel like Christmas and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm away from my family. My little brother, Bryan (who's actually an adult so ignore the adjective) is really into the holidays and he always goes out of his way and makes everything feel extra special. My mom bakes the most delicious cookies and always so many for Christmas day. I attempted to bake this December, they've been sitting in my cupboards and I'm not kidding you, one of the batches is down to like 8 cookies, and the other one we had to make a whole new batch. Elijah and I obviously have self-control issues around the holidays.
Christmas at home is always the best though, it can't be beat. Germany literally invented Christmas too, they know how to go down in style when it comes to this holiday... I miss the Christmas markets and all the Christmas food they sell in the stores, I miss the towns being decorated and the snow, not the snow, I don't miss the snow.

The only upside to having Christmas in a country that feels like you're in Antarctic but still looks like we're in Hawaii, ahem, I mean if you just look up at the palm trees and blue skies... is that it really helps me refocus and remember what Christmas is all about. It's about Jesus coming to earth as a child so He could die for us as a man and take away the sins of the world so that we could have the opportunity to spend eternity with Him, all because He loves us! Ah! It's just so glorious and suddenly all the wrapping paper and Christmas carols seem to vanish. Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas!
It's certainly been a discouraging month as far as our work life goes, lots of things have happened and they've hurt, but to remember Jesus is like the ray of warm light that hits your face in the middle of winter. If you haven't taken the time to stop and ponder, I really encourage you to, it makes your heart so peaceful to just remember Him and His utter, unstoppable love for us.

But since lately I haven't really been getting that Christmas'y feeling (the gift card one), I decided this month to document everything that reminds me of home and Christmas. Needless to say I actually haven't taken any photos outside of my house, but inside my house is like a little Christmas wonderland, not really, and here and there I've snapped some pictures of things that remind me of the holidays, and then today I got the idea to do a little mini photoshoot with some hot chocolate and marshmallows just for fun. I told Elijah about my idea and he was into it, we love doing little mini photoshoots together, it's one of our silly hobbies. We got the hot coco ready (Elijah's own recipe), and then the most awkward person stepped out in front of the camera (me). I tried to be serious and model-y but Elijah just ends up using a fake accent and saying the funniest things to me. So basically you've got pictures of me almost peeing my pants and trying to fend off the dogs from eating the marshmallows... and then everything else around the house that reminded me of Christmas (the gift card one).

Welcome to Christmas in our house.

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