Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Don't judge...

But is it socially acceptable to let you know that I'm a stalker at heart?
And I don't mean like social media stalking though I've totally had my fair amount of girl crushes on Instagram... *ahem*... but I mean like stalking, stalking. I'm not the kinda stalker who wants to make myself known, no, no, I don't want complete strangers thinking I'm a total weirdo event though I'm totally being one, but I've gone miles blocks for people before. Cute guys (before marriage), cute dogs (after marriage and always), you name it, I've done it.
I've followed people in my car, I've followed people down streets, stop me when it's sounding weird... does it help if you know I've always been with other people while doing said stalking. Yeah, I only stalk on social media alone.

With that being said, let me tell you about one of the best stalking moments Elijah and I had in Rome. Late at night, after dinner, the entire area was bustling with energy and people street shopping and suddenly we saw her, gorgeous, long legs, elegant in stride, Elijah and I just had to meet her, I mean she was beautiful! She was with a guy and a girl who were a bit older, like maybe they were her parents so it kinda made us feel a little bit better about following her, or worse, I don't know, the emotions were mixed. We followed her a couple blocks actually, she was taking us down windy little alley ways in the dark, occasionally stopping to drool over the food being sold at the outdoor stalls. Whenever she'd stop we'd make ourselves busy, we'd start pretending to me interested in a jewelry vendor, or consider something on a menu, all the while keeping her in the corner of our eye.

Finally Elijah asked if we should just go up to her and say hello. I was pretty nervous, I mean she had to know we were following her by now, I thought maybe we should give up, it wasn't like I was going to ask for an autograph, she never walked directly in front of us, there was never an opportune time to introduce ourselves, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. But Elijah was persistent, he knew I really wanted to meet this girl. So... FINALLY, he made the plunge, he walked up to her parents and said "Hi, your dog is beautiful, do you mind if we pet her?" 
She was the most beautiful, nine year old, wolf hound and it made our night to give her some lovin'.

I just gotta point out how much I love that little old lady in the background of this picture, it couldn't have been more Italian if I planned it. 

Did I mention I like to drive by houses at night and see how people decorate?

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