Friday, January 8, 2016

Rome, Italy Pt. 1

I've lived in Europe for half of my life and have visited almost every country in Europe, but Italy holds a special place in my heart. For those who don't know, my grandfather was from Italy, his first language was Italian. My grandpa, who we called poppy, never taught us Italian and we never realized the Italian influences he brought to our family, we just thought he was like every poppy, but when I got older and visited Italy I realize how much of the culture was engrained in him.
He loved his family, he always wanted us to be together and according to my mom, he didn't want any of his six kids to ever move out of the house (typical Italian). He always brought pastries home from the store, he would always sit at the table with his coffee and pastries and want time with us, he was always excited to bring us sweets (typical Italian), the list of characteristics goes on and on and looking back he was such an Italian.

Last summer, Elijah and I were blessed with a trip to Italy for our anniversary. We got to travel around and I'm finally getting around to sharing. Our first stop was Rome, probably one of my favorite cities in all of Europe. Rome reminds me of the 1950's and Audrey Hepburn running around in her cute little tie up sandals that are now back in style. Every time I visit I feel like I'm being transported back to Europe as it once was, it's "glamor days". Walking around with Elijah and seeing all the history was so fun, and on every street corner there were folks who remind me of my relatives, haha, you can't feel more at home then that.

I love Italy!

Morning before leaving this little guy for Italy. Rome is seriously so dog friendly, I wish we could have brought him.

We stayed at Casa Di Eddy in Rome, it's a B&B and we highly recommend it, such a romantic atmosphere, clean and friendly, plus just a couple blocks from a major metro station that will take you all around town.

You've gotta visit the Trastevere area when in Rome, it's where all the best eats are at, including our favorite pizzeria, Dar Poetta.

Elijah's favorite gelato shop, Giolitti.

Elijah and I at the iconic Spanish steps. 

Taking a little break from the heat, we went in August for our anniversary and boy was it hot!

Piazza Navona was one of my faves.

Elijah and I bought dog treats for our entire time in Italy, we would walk around to strangers and ask them if we could give their dog a treat. We met a lot of cute pups and a lot of really nice locals.

We stopped at a little hole in the wall.

Water stop.

The riverfront was so gorgeous at sunset. We walked around taking pictures till dinner.

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