Monday, March 14, 2016

Italy PT. 2, Florence PT. 1 baby (I know, if I add any more subsections this would be a government pamphlet).

Florence is a beautiful city, it's not my favorite city but hey it's Italy and that's Europe so it's got some kudos on it's side. Elijah and I wanted to stop somewhere in Tuscany, it's my favorite region in Italy, but we weren't able to rent a car when we visited so we needed to stay somewhere on the main train line.
Neither of us had ever been to Florence so we kinda went last minute without a plan. Florence is pretty and pretty expensive so it's definitely worth thinking through what museums / things you wanna stop and see. Elijah and I knew that Michelangelo's "The David" was a must and it was absolutely breathtaking (excuse his nude lil bum).
We also knew we wanted to climb the cathedral and it was a lot of steps and a lot of mind blowing, nothing beats those Italian red rooftops in the summer sun.

I had the best pasta in my life in Florence and I'm not a pasta eater, or a sauce lover, but I was literally licking the bowl, I had no shame and I'm pretty sure my husband scooted his chair an inch away. Haha! Since it was unplanned we spent the rest of the time wandering alleyways and hanging out in the food market adding inches to our bootay's (ok, just my bootay, Elijah's over here stuffin' his face and then guess what, he's lost weight. Figures.)

Our favorite part about Florence though was leaving it. Elijah and I left the city walls and walked the hills around Florence, we made our way up to the church on top of the hill and watched the sunset over the city. Tuscany countryside does not disappoint!

Canollis are literally the best dessert ever (besides this one coconut tart I had in Barcelona once, I would have thrown my health out the window for those bad boys). 

My cute breakfast date.

Eli was super excited about the gelateria that handmade the waffle cones right in front of you. I wasn't as sold on it buttttttt it's worth a visit.  Edward il Gelato Biologico.

4 Leone in Florence. Again BEST.PASTA.LITERALLY.EVER!

Inside the Cathedral. 

So worth the wait / climb to the top.

My favorite thing about Europe... GOOD cheap wine :) 

He was absolutely incredible. There's copies of him all over Europe but this is the original an edit was just so amazing, he lit up the room. 

Ok next Florence post with at least a thousand subsections will cover the rest of our trip and all that good outside the city walls of Florence countryside stuff I mentioned. 

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  1. Florence isn't your favorite city but, hey, it's italy??? I hate you!! Just kidding, I love you actually. I'm just jealous because I want to visit Italy. Looks like fun.