Thursday, April 28, 2016

A little post where I share my thoughts and feelings, culture shock and more, and then dump cute little outfit photos on ya... here we go...

Originally I planned on making this a "home" blog, with traveling things here and there because let's face it, I travel a lot. But now that we've literally moved across the world and I don't have a home right now, this is more of a thoughts/travel blog, because let's face it I travel a lot.
One day I hope this blog to be a bit more settled and homey, but for now you've got me, not in my own home, constantly reminiscing about my "home country" and all the places I've been, and how easy it is to get around Europe, and how I know all the laws/traditions there so much better then the laws/traditions in America... and crying my eyes out because I miss Europe so much, and already planning my return, and then eventual move back (don't worry everyone, it's my retirement plan for now). 

America is so different from the rest of the world. Not complaining. There are some great things in America, like bagels, and cheap clothes, and I feel like everyone understands my sense of humor better when I speak English then in other languages, and produce is pretty much always ripe (ok, that's a throwback too the Middle East, not Europe), and people are really friendly, and you don't know your neighbors so well (I personally like this one, in Europe you know and are known by everyone, seriously, it takes a village to not keep a secret).

But then there's a lot of really foreign things, like road kill... what in the world? I feel like I'm back in the Middle East there's so many dead animals outside, and having to always check if things are tested on animals or not (because in Europe it's against the law to test on animals for anything cosmetic, which is awesome and America should do that too), and also always checking what's in all this American food, half of the food we don't have in Europe because certain ingredients have been banned because they're so unhealthy, and how many times people have shown me guns (this isn't me trying to throw in a hidden gun law opinion, but people really like guns in America, haha) and I don't feel as safe in America as I do in Europe, because honestly, America isn't actually safer than Europe and that's sad.

I'm really surprised I miss Europe as much as I do, but I don't regret our move at all, it was definitely what the Lord was leading us to do and I really believe He has some great things awaiting us here in America (and then we'll move back to Europe and retire) and my husband reassures me there will be many European visits provided by the Lord in our future, and I am BEYOND EXCITED about starting our non-profit, which is the whole reason we wanted to move back, so that we could reach more Sudanese refugees then we ever did while in the Middle East. That in and of itself makes all this hard stuff worth it, I'm so ready to see the world change for Sudanese refugees.

All these thoughts racing through my head and then today I read these two verses and they really blessed me:

"Give us help from trouble for the help from men is useless. Through God we do valiantly, for it is He who will read down our enemies." and "We went through fire and through water, but you brought us out to rich fulfillment." 

All that said, you'll probably be seeing lots of photos of Europe, Middle East and Africa that I've been slowly but surely sifting through while we don't have a home of our own.


  1. Girl, I can sooo relate to this (except the middle east part) you're not alone in how you feel and my husband I have been pretty much "homeless" for 1 year now lol its hard but we've found creative ways to make the most of it, if you ever need someone to talk to about reverse/culture shock I'm here :)

    1. You're so sweet! And I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling it :) I hope you guys find a nice new home, I heard you were moving away from California?