Friday, May 13, 2016

That denim shirt and a tiny town called Urbana

Today Elijah suggested we go visit this cute little town 40 minutes from where we're staying and by default I threw on my favorite shirt. This is my all time favorite shirt....

Which is pretty ridiculous if you consider all the shirts I have, who knew that a basic, oversized, jean button down shirt would be THE ONE! But I love it and wear it more times then I think is socially acceptable. I have a white one just like it (not jean, but this really pretty recyclable material) but I barely wear it because of my dogs, or sauce... Whenever I think of putting it on I convince myself my dogs will either jump up on me with their nails and dirty paws, or bite it while playing (I'm basically a mom before my time)... ooooooor it will just happen to be the day I eat something covered in sauce. Sauce + me + white shirt is just screaming impending disaster.  So I revert back to this jean shirt that I've stained a thousand times and those stains just keep coming out and I just keep wearing it and whispers are floating, "Didn't she wear that shirt the last two days in a row?"  but I'm shameless and don't care cause this shirt's got me feeling all the good feels and I'll be attached to it till the day I literally spill an entire pot of spaghetti sauce on it and then the dogs jump on me to lick it off with their dirtied little paws. But for now this puppies staying and I'm aproning it every time I kitchen it.

I love how much he's enjoying the wind and then he just looks up at me, he knows how to work it.

Cue eyes closed.

We ate at this really great restaurant called Forage, but they wrote it For.Age and we kept thinking "For what age?" I know, we're slow! Anyway, they had all locally sourced food AND they had really good homemade bread. So after the sandwich eating we bought extra bread to munch on and eat tomorrow. I didn't realize how addicted I was to bread till I left Europe :(

 He refused to put his butt not the bench, so I got the butt.

Handsomest, sweetest date.

The town was pretty adorable, if just really small. The houses though, *gasssssp* *siiighhh* and throw another *gasp* in there for good measure. Those were my sentiments exactly! And I was just about the creepiest person ever and kept walking right up to the houses and taking pictures.

Ohio and bricks. Imiright!?

Loved this one, would not have painted it that yellow though.

This one was my favorite! You can't really tell but the entire house was brick, the house was actually huge in it's behind quarters, it just kept going. It reminded me of a cute little Brooklyn house and I just really liked it. 

On their way home. Bear use to be amazing in the car and Hugo was the big baby, but the tides have changed, roles have been reversed and Bear is such a pain in the car if he's not on my lap (which I'm not into) Luckily good music drowns out tiny dog cries. 

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  1. All just to cute. What up with your move West? Is it on or off?