Friday, June 10, 2016

I'm finally getting around to sharing Barcelona

But better late than never, right? Right? That's at least what I keep telling myself every time I look at the laundry pile and then agree to just do it 'late'r because it's better than never. Gotta use logic with stuff like that people. 

Right before we left Jordan I really wanted to take a trip with Elijah and my parents, so I started searching for something cheap. I'm not a great researcher type, I basically google what I'm looking for and if it doesn't show up in the brief list of short descriptions presented by google I tap out and get my husband to do it, but he was out that day and I was determined to find something going somewhere that wasn't Jordan. 
Elijah was soooo sure I wasn't going to find anything cheap enough for a completely spontaneous trip that we didn't plan out or save for at all, and then lo and behold, 16 euro roundtrip tickets to Barcelona! It was so cheap in fact that I booked them and then called my mom and got my parents on board too!
So here is a complete photo dump for your viewing pleasure and if you make it aaaaaaalllll the way to the bottom, not only do you have my complete and utter respect (and we're probably really good friends too, right?) but you'll also get to see our fun little Barcelona video!

 My parents and I. So happy they came on this trip with us.

Hello EspaƱa! 

Right outside our hotel.

Side entrance to La Boqueria outdoor market

The outdoor market in Barcelona is one of the coolest one's I've seen in all my travels throughout Europe. I honestly think the only one that compares is the Yehudda market in Jerusalem. 

La Boqueria is so cool, they range from fruit to meat, homemade goods to in-market restaurants. It's a must see if you travel to Barcelona. 

 La Rambla.

 My cute parents.

 Sangria is undoubtedly the best in Barcelona. I've had it other places in Spain and it just never compared. If you're in Barcelona I would also recommend cava sangria, it's so good, words can't even begin to describe. 

 Our little hotel balcony.

 Obligatory selfie.

 Love him so much!

 That golden hour love.

 Elijah's a huge prosciutto fan. I don't eat pork. But if you do then you and my husband have that in common and you will LOVE Spanish food.

 My husband and I snuck away to the beach one afternoon and had salmon sandwiches for lunch together.

 I ate two of the tartaleta coco's right there. HEAVEN. PURE HEAVEN!

The last time I was in Barcelona was 2012 and it was really cool to go back and see that literally nothing had changed (LOVE this about Europe!) We had 3 days of hanging out, eating lots of food because of course, what else do you do on holiday?! and making the video! We're so excited to share this with you, it's our 2nd attempt at recording our travels (we have one other video we're currently editing and another we plan on making in the near future too).

Here's the amazing video my husband made:

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