Sunday, July 31, 2016

The biggest photo dump of Jordan you'll ever see!

I'm about to photo dump you like you've never been photo dumped before and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

I worked in Jordan for almost 3 years with refugees (my husband was there almost 5) and they were the greatest/hardest years. I could literally fill a book with all the emotions I felt, (and let it be noted I'm not usually super emotional) the ups and downs and different seasons... some sooooo sweet... others so bitter, and lots of bittersweet moments in-between too.
I figured a photo dump of all the things I love and miss about the time we spent there would probably be the fastest way to relate this heart of mine pertaining to all positive things Jordan. I'm not going to post lots of photos of refugees for personal reasons, but just know that was seriously my absolute FAVORITE and BEST part of being in Jordan all those years and if it wasn't for the refugees in Jordan I probably would have left after the first month ( right after visiting the tourist sights and drinking one cup of Arabic coffee #notafan )

Also let it be noted that these photos consist of iPhone shots and canon shots. That's how much I wanted you to get of the Jordan. Even the nitty gritty iPhone shots I shot on days that I was positive there would be nothing worth wild to shoot. It's crazy how gorgeous God's creation is, there's always something awesome to take a photo of.

So shall we start the dumping? Great things about Jordan:

They have the largest set of Roman ruins outside of Italy 

If you don't visit during the brown season you'll get a whole lot of scenic views.

 THE COFFEE. I miss the coffee. I miss Strada. 

 Oh how I miss the coffee!

Pretty, right!? 

 Their rock formations are Breathtaking! For the full experience make sure you sing out that last word.

 When you're not stuck in traffic, you are golden!

When your mom and dad visit, Jordan becomes the best dang country on earth (only for the duration of their trip though)

Multiple photos opts everywhere you look.

Some lovin' in Jerash

 Leave it to the Jordan for perfect lens flare. 

This kid! She's perfection.

I actually really hated the walks around our neighborhood cause I'd get cat called and name called, and a bunch of other callings... but they were a serious ritual in our house, so they were kinda great I guess.

The parties we had in our little place were epic. 

This dynamic duel. 

Wasn't too into the downtown, but there were some great memories made. 

Great thing not about Jordan, I won't have to do this anymore. Just throwing that in there.  #dryinghell

 Every time this guy came and visited the country gained some serious kudos in my book.

That face!

Midnight market runs. Cause baby it's wayyyy to hot in the daytime to do your grocery shopping.

This was my summer in Jordan.

Hugo riding shotgun with bedouins. 


And they were totally down with dogs. 

The million hikes we went on just wondering where the heck Hugo was and where he'd pop up next.

My adorable living room that I loved.

 And bedroom #hearteyes

And ancient Roman staircases to nowhere.

 This city actually was the capital of the Roman Empire for a total of like 3 years cause good ol' Caesar liked it, so he put a house on it. 

 Everyday we had a home visit with refugee families. OH MY HEART.

 Restaurants in Amman. And ordering in. Yep, you could order any food to your house from any restaurant from the internet. Life was good. 

 People like these guys and a whole lot of others. 

The area where we worked, it wasn't the nicest, but the people we worked with were fantastic!

Mohammed was all cheeks and all perfection.

Rooftops and this guy.

When it snowed and Hugo went crazy!

Sharing food with these adorable little dudes. Sharing food with any refugees who didn't have a lot but still gave what they had. It was amazing. Both these sweet boys were sent back to Sudan in the deportation. Pray for Sudan.

Our bedroom and all it's whiteness.

 When the sky was on fire.

 When our Iraqi friends made us dinner (Iraqi food is the best!)

Visiting our Iraqi family, we miss them and love them so much. Three of them were already relocated to Australia and Salam is killing it with the photography game, he's awesome!

Huge rocks and red sand.

When my mom and brother visit! Double the fun!

Little lego houses, one on top of the other. 

Walking around this place whenever there were no sheep. (No sheep were key!)

Laundry day with this cutie.

6AM sunrises.

The holiday food at our place.

The Palm trees.

Our living room again... cause LOVEEEE. (and I loved the wall opposite with all our photos from all over the world.. gotta post a photo of that some day).

The road to the Dead Sea and just the pure idea of escaping the city.

This fluff ball in the sunset.

And another shot of my room cause LOVEEEE all over again. 

Sunsets in the desert.

And sunrise walks.

Day trips to Jerash.

And more parent visits.

And Anfall. Always Anfall. She's everything. 

 And when Hugo would lay on the tile to cool off.

All the gorgeous spring blooms.

 Searching for Hugo when we hiked.

 And reaching the end of the hike and finding a brand new lake after a rain storm. The Wadi's change after every rain.

The day someone just gave us little abandoned Bear Bear Barkly.

 The fog! Oh the glorious fog and rain. When it would finally fog and rain in Amman.

New Years eve parties with these two. These two girls have my heart.

And this dumb soba (heater). This was the only heater we had in the whole house, so early winter mornings were spent snuggling in front of it and that was somehow nice.

Letting the dogs off the leash in the desert and then they would run so far we'd have to go get them. Ok. In honest we didn't love that. But it's all part of the experience/memories.

Bear making bedouin friends.

Villages outside of Amman. And all the times I wanted to walk up to random people and just ask them all the questions about their life I could think of.

Hugo enjoying nature, when he actually got to see nature and not pavement.

 Glorious sand dunes.

Desert as far as the eye can see.

 Dunes all day.

 When Austin would visit and do our home visits with us. 

Burned out cars in the neighborhood we worked in.


Filling the car with three people in front, three people in back and two kids. Cause what's the big deal.

Hiking the wadi's by the Dead Sea.

 Waterfalls you could swim in.


Our camp site.

Sunrise in the most beautiful Wadi. God is AMAZING isn't He!? Can you imagine He created this.

 And sunrise watching.

 And sunrise walking.

 And getting excited when a taxi brought dad home.

When Elijah made me breakfast with BERRIES. Freakin' berries! They're soooo special.

Doing everything with Khater because we love Khater more than we can express. He IS our family. I can't express that strongly enough. And he moved to Canada so you know, we had to come back to America. #familystaysclose

 And Christmas in our own home.

 Our guest bedroom that was on point. 

 Always wandering, always finding ruins.

Hanging with the best translator in the whole world. We love you Doka.

 Winter snuggles.

 The BEST students ever! Best class ever! Best Iraqi's ever! Best.Best.Best.

Waterfalls, always waterfalls.

Always hiking the wadis.

Angelina. Angelina is everything and more. I love her the world over. Had some of my favorite moments in Amman with this spunky one.

Desert life with my man.

Attempting a family photo when there's literally no one else who can take a photo of us. Welcome to the Jordan.

Anfall again, cause always Anfall. I would have visited her everyday if I could have.

Our bedroom was our peace.

The incredible week that Banjo Barkington was on this earth with us. 

 Hiking the countryside. 

And more hiking.

 And moreeee hiking.

Ok we didn't hike that, but seriously... WOW. Right!?

And early morning hiking to watch sunrises (again).

The view from our porch.

Sometimes just the enormity of it all. 

Ok, sometimes Jordan might make you want to just go back to Rome. But still. It's cool too.

So much gorgeous scenery.

Jerash killing it right after the sun set.

And the sunsetting on our street.

Going to Ethiopian food with our Sudanese friends. #ironic right?!

Hiking with the billy goat.

And the best thing in Jordan was when dad came home.

Elijah's also made a seriously killer video of Jordan and I'll be posting it here soon.  I just look at all these memories and think, wow! God is so faithful and He has created so many amazing things in His creation. 


  1. Wow, this was awesome to see! What an adventure!

  2. Your pictures never fail to deliver. You truly have talent taking shots Ashley, bet you could free-lance and sell some, they are that good. Auntie.