Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Laguna Beach

Currently in Seattle where it's FREEEEEEZING, sipping hot tea and looking back at photos of sunny California. I had so much fun in December showing Elijah all the places I knew and loved. I have some memories from America when I was younger but I think the ones of Southern California really concreted themselves from my childhood since it's the place I always went back and visited during all those years in Europe.
By far my favorite day on this trip was the day we visited Laguna Beach (besides the dog beach in Huntington which was such fun). My mom and I did a BUNCH of shopping in the morning, grabbed some coffee and then picked up the guys and headed to Laguna. We were there for hours walking around and taking photos. It was the warmest day on our trip which for me heat equates to being the best day... also taking lots of photos... also the ocean.... so basically anywhere where it's warm, there's water nearby and I can take a lot of photos and I'm seriously the most content person. Throw in a few adorably fuzzy dogs that I get to pet along the way and I am set!

These photos bring back all the warm feelings (literally... it was so warm and I just want to go back to sun shining and lots and lots of heat... she types as she wears her snow pants inside... not even a little embarrassed)

Can't wait for it to be summer in Seattle. *sigh*

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