Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mom Jeans

I jumped on the mom jean bandwagon from the very beginning... just from a distance. I would like to think I look like Rachel and Monica sporting them 90's mom jeans... but in reality I just never did. I didn't try on loads of mom jeans, in fact, jean shopping has to be my absolute least favorite thing to do. And since I moved back to America it's only gotten worse.
I think everyone has their favorite jeans... that one brand that just always fit perfectly. The jeans that always looked good on me were a little store in Europe... that we don't have in America (I say as I weep)... my other option was always Zara, which was on every street corner in Europe, but I think there's only a small handful in Seattle.

America's size chart is all weird too. In Europe I wear a 36, or a 27... I cannot for the life of me figure out what my size is here... I've tried on size 3's that fit and size 5's that fit.... which is it? And can I also add that if you were a size 3 when I was in middle school you were like the skinniest girl around.  America's size chart has got me all mixed up and then I concluded to never go pants shopping again until I was in Europe next.
Until I stepped into Ross... which just happens to be one of the best stores ever! We don't have cheaper outlet like stores in Europe so I've been completing in love with Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross since I've gotten back. I saw a pair of levi mom jeans on the rack and thought, "eh, why not," and threw them in the cart, complete aware in the back of my head that they were just going to be another ridiculous attempt at a pair of mom jeans that were waaaaayyyy too baggy on the waist and wayyyyyy too tight on the calves, because guys, if it's not stretchy material that will choke you to death apparently it's not in style.

I threw them on in the dressing room and I was in love! Levi's have never done me justice, but these bad boys (or mama's I think I should say) weren't too shabby. Also, they were originally $98 and I got them for $10!!!!! (and a thousand more exclamation marks!!!)
So thanks levi's, now I'm on the mom jean bandwagon, just in time for them to go out of style. I'll die a little that day.

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