Sunday, January 1, 2017

Throwback to 2016 in the truest of forms... photo dumping.

2016, what can I say? Like hair scrunchies from the 80's some things are best when they're done with, not that the scrunchie didn't have her moments.

Big transitions are always stressful and I had my share of them this year, from leaving the Middle East,  saying goodbye to Germany, moving back to America and then ultimately settling in Seattle.  I went from having three jobs, to having kinda no job right now, from having all my friends just a taxi drive away to having them across countries, from on average traveling to about 12 countries a year to just truckin' around one big one, from being completely engulfed in working with refugees and doing more than just home visits, to running back to the drawing board on what I want to contribute to those in need, and one of the biggest changes... going from a desert with palm trees to a rainy FREEZING climate with evergreens.

But with all the ups and downs that came with the year that seemed like the craziest year yet, there were definitely some highlights for me that resulted in some serious New Year's goals.

We started out 2016 with Hugo Humperdinck's 2nd birthday

And Bear Bear Barkly's 1st birthday

And as the year went by we got ready to leave my sweet little Anfall and her brother Mohammed and all the other sweet Sudanese friends we did home visits with.

Left our favorite coffee shop behind... I still miss you Strada

Spent as much time with my sweet Sami before the move.

And hiked our last wadi hikes.

We emptied out the house. 

And spent our last days with Khater in our empty place.

Bye Amman 

Bye Sami

And our last night altogether right before we left the airport we spent hanging out, snap chatting and eating gluten free pizza. 

Then we flew out and hit up all the airports. 

And just like that we were moved and back to my little hometown in Germany.

Taking walks around town

And playing in the backyard

Taking day trips to Nurnberg for sushi

And sleeping on that old futon in the basement...

Our little village

I love walking around out little town

And we continued to discover snapchat and it probably wasn't the healthiest choice. 

And then we all went to Barcelona

We enjoyed the sun and ate way more pastries than we should have

Barcelona, you're amazing. 
After Barcelona we headed back to Germany for a little while.

And just enjoyed our little village everyday a little more. 

And more runs to Nurnberg for sushi

And I visited Sidra in her new town in Germany. From Syria to Jordan to Germany, how crazy! I love her.

We explored big beer barrels 


And we explored Heidelberg castle and the city for my 29th birthday.

And enjoyed walks around Rothenburg because it's simply the best. 

And it snowed right before we left and then we left Germany and my heart was broken.

To America we went and we began to explore the midwest.

We enjoyed the best fall there, everything was different colors and beautiful.

And I gave Bear a pink mohawk.

And there were lots of snuggles before we found our new home.

And just like that it was Halloween and we got ready to leave the Midwest for Seattle. We traveled cross country for five days but that's another post for another time.

We found an apartment in Washington and bought new stuff.

And discovered beautiful things just around the corner from our house.

And hung out with friends and made gingerbread houses (and won gingerbread house contests)

And then we shopped for a christmas tree.

And found the perfect little guy.

We brought our tree home and decorated it with five ornaments and lots of lights.

And enjoyed wine by the fire every night.

And snuggles with the puppies every morning.

And Hannah visited

And we discovered Germany in Washington

and ate chestnuts like old times.

Hugo's FAVORITE things are the sand and the snow.

Hannah and me.

We discovered more of Seattle before our trip to California.

And just like that we drove another 19 hours in one day and were in Orange county again.

And I got to show Elijah where I was from and all the things I love about California.

And then it was Christmas.

And we ate soooo much cheese and cookies.

We opened so many presents.

And were all together. 

We revisited soooo many of my favorite beaches.

And I made them pose like models... just kidding, they just are models.

We looked for terrifying sharks

and met pelicans.

And met with our sweet friends.

The puppies cuddles.

And we took them to the dog beach...

They had the best time in the sand and waves.

Then we drove back to Washington and welcomed 2017.

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