Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring time in Seattle

Our favorite thing to do, without a doubt, is walking around and taking photos, throw coffee in the mix and we are set! Last weekend we decided to brave downtown parking (sometimes you just can't find a spot) and walk around a bit, take photos and drink our weight in coffee. 
Spring time here, so far, as been pretty spectacular, with lots of blue skies. I thought after living in Jordan for three years that I would LOVE the constant rain, but that lasted for about a day. I actually like really hard rain, but for like a day, and then please stop. Germany's like that, most winter day's are sunny with really hard rain for just a day or two at a time... same with Jordan, just all at a higher temperature, haha. 
I have not been a fan of the rain here, it's misty and cloudy and gloomy, and I'm missing that Jordanian weather, but now that the sun is slowly starting to come out I'm getting so excited for summer. Why is sunshine so beautiful? Why does it make any day feel so much better? 
With my undying passion for the sun now revealed, last weekend was perfect and we got some really cute snaps of this new place we're learning to call home. 

I could people watch while drinking coffee all day long. 

I've been dying to wear this bomber jacket since I bought it last fall, but it's literally been too cold to until now. So happy it's finally getting sunny out. Also this little red purse I bought in Florence is the cutest thing ever, but I hate wearing it with my big puff puff coat. It's almost summer guys!

What a model!

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