Friday, February 2, 2018

Maternity Shoot in the Desert

I never really thought about my maternity shoot, so it's kinda surreal that I just had one.
So when we were in California visiting my family we decided to do a little maternity shoot in the desert... my second favorite terrain! 

It was kind of a last minute thought, but luckily I have the best photographer husband and a dress that ACTUALLY still fits my growing bump. So we drove out to the middle of nowhere and found the most beautiful backdrop for this baby boy. Can't believe we're going to meet baby Noah in just 6 short weeks (eeeek!) 

Also, total side note but ahhhhh California weather in the winter is the best thing EVER! Meanwhile it's been raining all day everyday in Seattle and the forest is my least favorite terrain (sorry PNW, you've got other nice stuff though, just really looooong winters.)

A few days later we found these beautiful rocks and got my brother to snap a few shots of us together too.

And here's a little vlog we made during our trip to California that includes some footage of our little maternity shoot. Hope everyone has a happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Petting Zoo Date

Last Saturday had to have been one of the best date days we've ever had. It's been quite rainy in Seattle lately so when Elijah told me that we had something planned for Saturday I was a little weary.  I didn't really want to get to wet or too muddy and I tried to talk him into just sitting with me at a coffee shop all day and hanging out, while also finishing up a little work.
But he was adamant that he had the best day planned. It did start out with coffee! Since being pregnant I cannot handle black coffee, it makes me feel lousy and afterwards I feel like I need a ton of protein and water. No bueno. So latte's have been my go to. I think the milk helps balance out the coffee and makes me feel like I'm drinking more than I am. So I really only get coffee in my system when we go out for it, which is always welcomed.

Then we went to my favorite German bakery. Everyone speaks German there, all the food is imported, except the bread which is made fresh everyday. I die a little and go to heaven every time we enter that place.
One of my favorite lunches is kaiser brot and emmentaler cheese with paprika and salt. But since Elijah is vegan I don't normally buy cheese for the house so I never get it when I'm there. But he surprised me and we ordered bread, pretzels and some cheese just for meeee! We also got my German mustard... can't live without that and a list of about twenty other things I want to pick up next time I'm there (next time I'm making Elijah go with me for cake and coffee)

We ended up eating the car which was fun in itself. 

Normally you put the spice paprika on emmentaler, but Eli thought
I actually meant paprika. It was still delicious though!

And then the big surprise! After we ate Elijah brought me to the sketchiest little town with the BEST indoor petting zoo I could have ever imagined.

This Capybara (I call them crappy bears) was my FAVORITE animal. He was
so unbelievably sweet and just wanted to sit on your lap and have you whisper
sweet nothings in his ear. He was the best and also weighed a TON. 


When Elijah tried to push him off he just laid down, haha. 

This goat reminded me so much of our dog Bear Bear. Same stare.

The zebra was sooo soft and I'm sooo pregnant... eeek!

Baby goat nibbles. 

Band photo. 

 The cows were ridiculously sweet. 

The baby goats were only a week old and kept falling asleep on our laps. 

Thumb definitely resembles a nipple. 

Pretty sure this was his first time in the "adult animal" pin... he was so apprehensive. 

I don't think I could have thought of a better rainy day surprise. We had so much fun with all the animals and it was nice, the pins weren't dirty or smelly at all.  I literally can't wait to take Noah here (or maybe I'm just excited to go back again myself, hehe) Next time I'm going to just spend all my time with the crappy bear, petting him and telling him how cool he is. Overall it was pretty neat to cross off more animals on my list of animals I would like to actually touch (seeing doesn't count, you gotta love on them babies)

And after a long day out we finally got home to our two pups and a pile of laundry... just like it should be. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring time in Seattle

Our favorite thing to do, without a doubt, is walking around and taking photos, throw coffee in the mix and we are set! Last weekend we decided to brave downtown parking (sometimes you just can't find a spot) and walk around a bit, take photos and drink our weight in coffee. 
Spring time here, so far, as been pretty spectacular, with lots of blue skies. I thought after living in Jordan for three years that I would LOVE the constant rain, but that lasted for about a day. I actually like really hard rain, but for like a day, and then please stop. Germany's like that, most winter day's are sunny with really hard rain for just a day or two at a time... same with Jordan, just all at a higher temperature, haha. 
I have not been a fan of the rain here, it's misty and cloudy and gloomy, and I'm missing that Jordanian weather, but now that the sun is slowly starting to come out I'm getting so excited for summer. Why is sunshine so beautiful? Why does it make any day feel so much better? 
With my undying passion for the sun now revealed, last weekend was perfect and we got some really cute snaps of this new place we're learning to call home. 

I could people watch while drinking coffee all day long. 

I've been dying to wear this bomber jacket since I bought it last fall, but it's literally been too cold to until now. So happy it's finally getting sunny out. Also this little red purse I bought in Florence is the cutest thing ever, but I hate wearing it with my big puff puff coat. It's almost summer guys!

What a model!